Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pray for Advisory Committee

Our team has finished meeting and the Advisory Committee has been given until July 15 to review the report of our work (http://grinfree.com/Report.pdf)

The Executive Summary is as follows:
Early in 2015, various Christians (mostly clergy in Wisconsin) volunteered to develop a plan to hold an event to develop a Christian response to evidence of evaluativism, a form of discrimination supposedly perpetuated by churches. Five of these volunteers agreed to serve on a core team which would write a plan and organize the event. The others agreed to serve on an advisory committee which would review the plan.  
The core team met on a monthly basis from May 2015 to April 2016. They made discoveries and produced work which merits review, but also came to the conclusion that it would be inappropriate for the core team to take responsibility for organizing a Christian response to evaluativism. Thus, this report presents the work of the core team, but does not come with a promise to implement it.  
The core team found that the problem of evaluativism in the church deserves attention but is deeply complex and too challenging to be addressed by most Christians individually. Cancer is another example of a problem that deserves attention but is too complex to be addressed by individuals—in fact, most individuals do not work to address cancer, yet we do not feel humanity should ignore cancer. Some people may be surprised that a matter of discrimination can be similarly complex and important. In the event that some Christians do respond to evaluativism as a church, we hope they will find this report helpful.
Please pray for the Advisory Committee as they review this report.

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