Friday, December 11, 2015

Fourth Answer to Prayer for Power to Discuss Evaluativism

I asked you to pray for God's help in developing power to engage in a godly discussion of the event we are planning.

Our prayer was answered, in part, by empowering us to develop elevator-speeches to introduce the concept of evaluativism to others (e.g. see Eric's and Ben's). In the digital age, however, communication includes not only words, but also pictures and videos we can circulate.

My church blessed me with an invitation to preach on any passage of Ephesians, so I chose Ephesians 4:11-15 which compares our differences of priority (e.g. of pastors vs. prophets and evangelists) to differences between parts of a body. It speaks of our evaluative diversity as a gift, and implies that we can overcome our evaluativism by recognizing our interdependence.With encouragement and feedback from my church and with technical and artistic help from my father, the message I delivered has been translated into a secular video called Overcoming Evaluativism: How to let people be themselves (and why you should)

It seems clear that Ephesians 4:11-15 was written because evaluativism threatened even early churches. The success of the early church recommends the strategy it described as a model for addressing evaluativism today.

Thank you for your continued prayers, especially that videos like this will circulate and find audiences that empower the broader public to discuss our evaluativism and ways to overcome it.

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