Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Answer to Prayer for Openness to the Holy Spirit

On May 26, Debi asked for your prayers that we each be open to the Holy Spirit not only to warm our hearts, but to give us the ability to see God in the ways which are not our ways. Your prayers are being answered.

On June 13, Juan Garay, originally a member of our core team, shifted to our advisory committee. Juan plants churches in bars where the evaluativism of typical churches gets reversed. He needed to reserve his time and energy to support this amazing work, where he is seeing tremendous growth.

I asked the team whether we need to find a replacement for Juan on the core team, someone else with practical experience applying affirmative action to evaluativism. The team decided that we should let the Holy Spirit guide a continual shift of relationships (much as pastors rotate through Methodist churches). Who knows what expertise the Spirit may send our way? Lay leadership? Intersectionality? Measurement of health impacts?

We will not delay to grow our core team, but we are open.

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